Dedication To Ourselves (english)

Directly from Denmark arrives this tasty cd entitled Dedication, signed by Tony Cigna, Francesco Cigna and Erik Ørum von Spreckelsen. Tasty already from the title, a title that is explained at the opening of the booklet by quoting the dictionary: The act of dedicating or the state of being dedicated. A note prefixed to a literary, artistic, or musical composition dedicating it to someone in token of affection or esteem. A rite or ceremony of dedicating. Selfless devotion.

And it is obvious how the love, the esteem and the devotion that these musicians feel for jazz and therefore attends it with, results in a product that is enjoyable, modern and classic at the same time, where nothing is sacrificed at the altar of “research at all costs”, and where the exploration of sound is combined with the awareness of the heritage, known to the ears and the heart of any passionate jazz lover.

Francesco Cigna (guitar), Erik Ørum Von Spreckelsen (piano), Tony Cigna (drums), Daniel Franck and Joel Illerhag (altering at the bass) are friends, that have welcomed us to their house and wrap us with a sound that has no end, made out of precise and recognizable codes but also by an undecipherable alchemy, that adds magic into music’s mathematical formula.
Most of the tracks are composed by the guitarist Francesco Cigna. And also in his way of composing you sense a great devotion to the song-form, with an equally clear opening to the modern. Like for instance on Silvertrust, the first tune on the disc, where a pedal-line forms the carpet of sound on which the guitar plays the melody in the first 8 measures, while the piano improvises freely and relaxed in the subsequent 4 measures.

On Mr. T. C., dedicated to Tony, his dad, the theme is a condensate of short and fast guitar phrases to which the flat ride makes as counterpoint, followed by a generational interlude where father and son are having a dialog, until the reentry of the piano and the bass. A modern and solar tune, that gives Francesco the opportunity to explore all the melodic possibilities offered from the structure.

The homages to tradition are not missing, as for instance in the re-reading of Lover Man or in the beautiful Soul Eyes by Mal Waldron. In conclusion the album results in a balanced mix, tasty and crispy, as stated. An album that can only do good to Jazz and the state of the psycho-physical well-being of those who listen to it. Dedicate it to yourselves, you won’t regret it.

Translated by: Tolk Service – Vai alla versione italiana


Tony Cigna Home Page

Francesco Cigna Home Page



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